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EVT Quality Examples

EVT Quality Control

Quality is in the details. At EVT, we provide top-quality service from start to finish. Every build is detailed with schematics and photos to ensure that each vehicle within a fleet is built the same way. This not only ensures consistency among each department vehicle, it helps with future fleet additions and repairs.

From time to time, we've come across work completed by other shops that do not hold the high-quality standards that EVT does. This makes us a little crazy, as it gives our industry a bad name. However, you can rest assured that you will never see some of the 'before' images below come out of our shop. High-Quality and Customer Service is what EVT is built on.

Remote Head Equipment Installation
Competitor's Install
In the following two instances, expensive
radio system was installed without being
bolted down. Wires were tangled and
equipment was moving around during
high speed travel.

EVT Quality Install
EVT smoothed up the install by coiling
and securing the wires, and bolting
down the equipment

Equipment Center Console
Competitor's Install
The following two photos are examples of
a competitor's wiring of the equipment
center console which contains all of the
lighting, siren, radio & video system components.

EVT Quality Install
EVT wires each component with its own
harness that contains its own ground and
fused power source(s). This makes issues
easier to diagnose,replace and in the
case of equipment failure, not affect
other components as each have their
own circuit. This also reduces
premature failure of equipment
due to electrical circuit shorts
from wires being pinched, chafed or
connector damage.

Other Non-EVT Installs That We've Seen
Competitor's Install
In this photo, an undersized wire for the amperage load was used.
Because the fuse wasn't blown in time, this resulted in the burning
of the wire.

Competitor's Install
In this photo, a hole was drilled into the roof for the light bar cable
without being sealed from outdoor elements such as water, snow,
ice and dirt.

An EVT install of a light bar cable includes a plastic grommet,
silicone and heat shrink to seal the hole from the elements.

Competitor's Install
In this photo, wires are incorrectly crossing over the airbag deployment
zones. In an accident, the airbag will not deploy. This is a serious
safety issue.

Competitor's Install
In this photo, expensive components such as the Radio Chassis, Remote
Siren Amplifiers and Strobe Power Supplies were placed in the exterior
walls in the vehicle, not properly mounted. Not only does this subject
the components to damage by being constantly jolted, but this expensive
equipment was placed in an area consistently subject to damage during
an auto accident.

Competitor's Install
Daisy-Chaining of the Main Grounds and/or Main Power Connections
can result in unwanted back feeding into sensitive electronics,
resulting in component failure.
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