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EVT Certified Technicians

At EVT, we believe in providing top-quality service from start to finish. That is why all of our technicians are certified by the Emergency Vehicle Technician Certification Commission, Inc. The EVTCC is a non-profit organization, dedicated to improving the quality of emergency vehicle service and repair through the U.S. and Canada.

The EVTCC's nationally recognized certification as an "Emergency Vehicle Technician" demonstrates the technician's ability to diagnose and repair emergency vehicle mechanical issues. EVT Certification ensures that work conducted by certified technicians is of high-quality and reliable; thereby enhancing the safety of public and emergency personnel. And as vehicle technology and equipment are always rapidly evolving, the re-certification of technicians is an integral part of the EVT Certification Program.

Our technicians are required to maintain up-to-date with their certifications in order to perform installation and/or servicing of critical electrical system components. For more information, please call 708.479.6721, or contact us using our online form.
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